Primula x pubescens ‘Rumbling Bridge’

Primula x pubescens ‘Rumbling Bridge’ – a short history

Having raised a range of unique double Auriculas over the past fifteen years, and following the success of Primula x ‘Kusum Krishna’, our next challenge was to breed a superior show pubescens type Primula, of a pale butter shade, our favourite colour in Primulas!

Some of the old cultivars in this shade are available to this day, namely, P. ‘Kath Dryden’, P. ‘Wharfedale Village’, and P. ‘Coy’. We felt, however, that the best attributes of each of the above named plants could be combined to make a superior ‘all round plant’ for exhibition.

The Primula x pubescens ‘Rumbling Bridge’ plant
Rumbling Bridge gorge

Between 2005 – 2008, many hundreds of seedlings were raised by crossing the best of the previously named cultivars with the odd yellow Auricula hybrid, to improve flower size and colour.

Finally, in spring 2009, Primula x pubescens ‘Rumbling Bridge’ was selected as being the ideal plant for purity of colour, habit, foliage and flower size. Thus far, it has proven a reliable performer, especially when grown ‘cool’ in a pot, or outside in a trough.

We hope that it will meet with the approval of the Primula collector, who enjoys showing these European hybrids.