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PriceNameDescriptonCategoryPot size
£3.50Achillea x ‘King Edward’First rate alpine, flowering for ages with soft primrose yellow blooms. Only 4” high.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Achillea ageratifoliaClose, silvery pad with 3” stems of large, white flowers. Trough or scree in full sun. Uncommon.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Acinos alpinusAlpine herb forming small mound. Lots of Amethyst flowers all summer. Dry scree/ sun.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Allium acuminatumNorth American species, approx. 7” high, with umbels of lrg. reddish-pink flowers. Full sun.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Allium beesianumThe true species, rarely seen. 10” stems, topped with nodding heads of large sky blue bells.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Allium cernuum

‘Dwarf White’
Wonderful, new introduction. Free flowering, at only 7” high. Looks good on rockery.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Allium cyaneumClose tuft of needle thin leaves, topped by many small Gentian blue heads in summer. Ht. 7”Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Allium kokanicumSlender arching stems to 8” high, support rounded nodding, dusky pink heads. Uncommon.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Allium pseudojaponicumA rare species from S. Korea and Japan. With white ball clusters, only 10” high, in autumn.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Allium sikkimensisNeat rockery species at only 7” with deep royal blue heads. One of very best for alpine gardens.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Allium thunbergiiLast alpine to flower on Nursery, at only 6”. Round, pink globes, Oct – November. Japan.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Anacyclus depressusSilvery filigree foliage, radiating red backed, white daisies all summer. Ideal in sunny crevice.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Androsace carnea

Compact ‘Thrift like’ mound with short stems of white flowers in April. A classy, easy alpine.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Androsace carnea

var laggeri
A very tight cushion of needle thin leaves, free flowering, with rose pink heads. Ideal for crevice.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Androsace carnea

Forming neat cushion with masses of pale pink flrs. in march. Ideal trough plant for full sun.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Androsace studiosorumA good form, with large pink flowers in June.

Easy alpine for crevice gardens or troughs.
Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Anemone coronariaTurkish species, producing variety of colours from

white -red. Suits rear of rock garden. Approx. 10”
Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Anemone nemorosa

‘Blue Bonnet’
Deeper shade of lavender blue flowers than ‘Robinsoniana’. Slow growing special for shade.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Anemone nemerosa

‘Flore Pleno’
Finer leafed and slower growing than A. ‘Vestal’.

Flowers fully double, over long period.
Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Anemone nemorosa

‘Royal Blue’
Large flowers of a good strong blue. A dramatic addition for leafy shade. Slow spreader.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Anemone x lipsiensis

(syn seemannii)
Beautiful, pale yellow hybrid, between A. ranunculoides and native wood anemone.Alpines9-10 cm
£5.00Anemone nemorosa

‘Green Fingers’
An interesting curiosity for troughs. Small flowers with clusters of green leaflets in place of petals.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Anemone nemorosa

x ‘Vestal’
Double pom-pom centres on this classic w/land

Anemone. Mid-late spring, Free flwrg. G/cover.
Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Anemone nemorosa

x ‘Virescens’
Unusual sport. Ferny green bracts instead of flowers. Very decorative for shaded woodland.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Anemone palmata

One of many names for A. magellanica. Our form has strong vanilla yellow colour. 10” highAlpines9-10 cm
£4.00Anemone ranunculoides

‘Semi Plena’
Beautiful form of the well known, yellow spring Anemone.Good sized semi double blooms. EarlyAlpines9-10 cm
£4.00Anemone sylvestris

‘Flore Pleno’
Quite a rare item. Flowers so double, they form a cream pom-pom. Groundcover at only 4” ht.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Anemone trullifoliaGood sized flowers of rich blue, late spring through summer. 3” high. Himalayas. Moist shadeAlpines9-10 cm
£3.50Antennaria dioica

A superb combination. Red button flwrs. above silvery mat. Lovely over rocks and gravel paths.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Anthemus creticus

var leucanthemoides
Close, silvery mat radiating many white daisies at gravel level. Ideal crevice plant. Full sun.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Aquilegia bertoloniiThe tiniest Aquilegia of Italian Alps. 2” hair thin stems, with large, deep blue flowers. For scree.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Aquilegia buergeriana

Charming, dwarf species Aquilegia, with chocolate lanterns and cream cup inside. 5”Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Aquilegia chaplineiA rare species, with fine chocolate coloured, bronzy leaves & 9” stems with narrow lemon flwrs.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Aquilegia discolorSmall species, from European Alps. Mid blue flowers with white cup in June. Approx. 5” high.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Aquilegia flabellata

Miniature Columbine, with pure white flowers, for rock garden. Flwrg. in late spring. Approx. 6” high.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Aquilegia ottonis

ssp amaliae
Dwarf, fragrant species from Greece, only 5” ht.

Flowers of soft, pale blue with white central cup.
Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Armeria juniperifolia

One of the easiest and best trough plants. Tight mound, pure white Thrift flrs. in early spring.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Armeria juniperifolia

‘Bevan’s Form’
Tight dome radiating many deep pink ‘Thrift’ flrs. over fairly long period. Great trough plant.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Asperula nitidaThin, needle-like leaves, on this bluish tinged cushion, hidden below mass of pale pink flowersAlpines9-10 cm
£3.50Aster alpinus

‘Dark Beauty’
Large, deep violet blue daisies on 6” stems. Enjoys perfect drainage in full sun. Eur. Alps.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Astilbe chinensis pumila

‘Tiny Form’
Perfect 6” miniature of this species Astilbe, which we have long cultivated. V. uncommonAlpines9-10 cm
£4.00Astilbe simplicifolia

‘Inshriach Pink’
A Scottish hybrid of superior flowering habit. Many pink flowers above bronzy foliage. Ht. 12”Alpines9-10 cm

‘Bressingham Red’
The best red to date of this easy, yet valuable addition to rockery. Flowers in spring.Alpines9-10 cm

Bright gold variegation to the compact rosettes. Light lavender blue flowers. Uncommon.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Aubrieta variegata

A non-cascading cultivar, forming close cushion with long display of lavender flowers. Mar-Jun.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Azorella trifurcata

Dense cushion plant. Easy to grow through gravel. Prickly foliage. Slow, 12” spread.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Brimeura amethystinaLilliputian hyacinth with elfin bells of blue, rarely white, on arching 6” stems. E.U. Alps.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Bulbinella hookeriBronzy strap-like foliage. 1’ high stems with ‘Pokers’ of old gold colour. Likes moisture.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Calceolaria falklandicaTough species from that windswept Island. Good size flowers for carpeting in damp shade.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Caltha palustris

ssp minor
Tiny Marsh Marigold growing as rarity in Scottish Mnts. only 2” high. Likes moisture!Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Caltha palustris

Himalayan form of our ‘Marsh Marigold’. Large flrs, almost like xmas roses early as MarchAlpines9-10 cm
£3.50Campanula cochlearis

The heavy flowering white form of the creeping alpine Bellflower. Spring to late summer. Full sun.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Campanula garganica ‘Dickson’s Gold’There couldn’t possibly be a better gold leafed alpine! Contrasts well with the sky blue flowersAlpines9-10 cm
£3.50Campanula nitida

Attractive, glossy evergreen rosettes, on compact mound. Huge white, waxy saucers, in summer.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Campanula nitidaThe species type, seldom seen. Huge, blue open-faced flowers. 5” high. For scree.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Campanula pullaA lush green mound, producing short stems of large violet bells throughout summer.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Campanula poscharlayana

‘Lisduggan’s Variety’
The perfect wall Bellflower, cascading habit. A mass of pink-lilac flowers for ages.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Campanula wockei

Masses of deep blue thimbles, gently spreading from small mat. Gritty scree or trough.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Carex petreiTidy and compact, bronze grass for rock garden, only 5” high. Non-invasive.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Cardamine kitaibellia

(syn enneaphylla)
Beautiful cream lockets hang above narrow fingered foliage, from March. Woodlander. 9-10”.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Cardamine pratensis

‘Flora Plena’
Showy, double pink sport of the native Cuckoo Flower, for moist soil. No bad vices.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Centaurea montana

Pure white flowers on 18” stems, within silvery grey leaves. Suits mid-front border.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Chrysanthemum weyrichiiG’cover with 7” stems of large pink Chrysanths. Showy. Good, free flowering form. Hardy.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Chrysosplenium davidianumThe superior Chinese species, with large yellow flowers. Carpeter for woodland, over long periodAlpines9-10 cm
£4.00Clematis x petrei

‘Lunar Lass’
Gently cascading hybrid, with greenish-yellow small flowers along thin stems. Good pot var.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Clematis marmorariaForming an open cushion of parsley-like foliage.

Many creamy yellow blooms. Crevice or scree.
Alpines9-10 cm

(coll. Nanda Devi expd.2019)
Found scrambling over rocks, on the Milam glacier at 11,500’. Purple seed heads in Autumn.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Codonopsis ovataLow, arching species, with nodding, palest blue bells. Ideal for the rock garden in summer.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Colchicum agrippinumFine Turkish species, only 6”. Characteristic chequered goblets of rosy-lilac colour.Alpines9-10 cm
£5.50Colchicum speciosum

Stunning. Huge white goblets in early autumn. Our clone builds up reasonably quickly.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Commelina dianthifoliaHardy species from high alt. California. Small Tradescantia like flrs. of deepest royal blue. 9”Alpines9-10 cm
£5.00Convallaria majalis

Very slow growing, with thin gold striations to

the leaf. A special and well behaved woodlander.
Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Convallaria majalis

The pink Lily of the Valley, slower growing than species type. Colour deepens as plant matures.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Corydalis cashmirianaThe best species for shady trough or raised bed. Short stems of intense blue flowers. Tiny mound.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Corydalis x

‘Craigton Blue’
A new introduction, with densely packed flower heads, Royal blue. Strong stems, to 16”.VigorousAlpines9-10 cm
£4.00Corydalis x

‘Craigton Purple’
Another unique cultivar from I.Young. The best true purple, with heavy flowering, stately habit.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Corydalis solida

‘George Baker’
Invaluable for its striking red flowers, when Snowdrops are the only early blooms in garden.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Corydalis x ‘Heavenly Blue’Special new hybrid, between C. Elata and C.

Flexuosa. Stronger and shorter stems, sky blue.
Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Corydalis x ‘Kingfisher’Very special hybrid between C. Cashmeriana x C. Elata. Compact, long flwrg.if grown in shadeAlpines9-10 cm
£4.00Corydalis malkensisSimilar to solida, but earlier, with cream flowers from early march. Rarely offered.Alpines9-10 cm
£5.00Corydalis mucronipetalaFairly recent introduction for scree garden. Small plant with intense electric blue flowers in June.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Crepis incanaThe pink Dandelion, flowering in abundance in late summer. Grows best in poor, stony soil.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Cyclamen ciliciumFlowering period follows C. hederifolium in autumn, also less robust. Shades of pink-white.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Cyclamen coum

£4.00 each
Stunning leaf forms on hardy pre-Spring Cyc. Add leaf mould to moist soil. Pink/ white/reds.

Three for £10
Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Cyclamen coum

BSBE 518 Form 2
Cyclamen Soc. field trip introduction. Silvered fol, narrow green central zone. Pink flrs.Feb/MayAlpines9-10 cm
£5.50Cyclamen coum

‘Meaden’s Crimson’
Highly selected, offering the finest deep red colour on this winter flowering hardy Cyclamen.Alpines9-10 cm
£5.00Cyclamen coum

‘Tile Barn Elizabeth’
Free-flowering, pure silver leafed hybrid. Flrs. are deep pink, wth paler picottee edge. Early.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Cyclamen hederifolium 11cm

(mixed colours) £4.00 each
Hardy Cyclamen for autumn colour in wide range of situations. White-pink, with superior leaf form.

Three for £10
Alpines11 cm
£5.00Cyclamen hederifolium 11cm

‘Long Leaf Form’
Specially selected leaf form, of almost aroid shape. Flowering in varying shades of pink.Alpines11 cm
£5.00Cyclamen hederifolium

‘Silver Cloud’
A special cultivar. Pure silver, unmarked leaves, pink flowers. Looks amazing in shade.Alpines9-10 cm
£5.00Cyclamen hederifolium

‘White Cloud’
Pure silver leaves, with white flowers in autumn. Dramatic combination for shade.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Cyclamen intaminatumTruly miniature, hardy species. Round glossy leaves and small white flrs. Ideal for troughs.Alpines9-10 cm
£5.00Cyclamen pseudibericumLarge magenta blooms in March. Lovely species for pot in cold glasshouse.Alpines9-10 cm
£5.00Cyclamen purpurascensTotally hardy, evergreen, summer flwrg. Very special species with scent of Lily of the Valley.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Delphinium brunonianumForms clump of low foliage with 12” stems of large, violet flowers all summer. Full sun.Alpines9-10 cm

Striking blue foliage, on this compact dome. 2” stems semi double, blood red flowers. Scented.Alpines9-10 cm

‘Baby Lom’
Neat glaucus dome with short stems of magenta pink flowers. Mid summer.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Dianthus alpinus

‘Inshriach Dazzler’
Well named rockery Pink, with most vivid shade of deep pink flowers.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Dianthus arenarius

‘Little Maiden’
Small compact cushion, ideal for troughs, etc. Short sprays white, ragged edged, fragrant flrs.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Dianthus deltoidesClose carpet of lush green foliage. Long display of dazzling vivid pink, small flowers.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Dianthus deltoides

Ground hugging mat, radiating white flowers from mid spring. Suits raised beds in full sun.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Dianthus erinaceus

The ‘Hedgehog’ Dianthus, forming a close, prickly cushion with short stems of pink flrs.Alpines9-10 cm

‘La Bourboulle’
Close mat of blue-green leaves with short stems of highly fragrant pink flowers.Alpines9-10 cm

‘Nywood’s Cream’
One of the best compact alpine hybrids for scent. Short stems of cream flowers over close mat.Alpines9-10 cm

A perpetually flowering, and scented miniature, with semi double, rose pink blooms. Only 4”.Alpines9-10 cm

‘Whatfield Can Can’
Blue leafed mound, with many stems of double deep pink flrs. Strong scent, long flowerer.Alpines9-10 cm

‘Whatfield Magenta’
Neat mound of attractive blue foliage, a dramatic contrast to the strong magenta flowersAlpines9-10 cm
£3.50Dicentra cucculariaFinely dissected, smoky grey foliage, with 4” stems of white lockets in early spring.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Dodecatheon meadia‘Shooting Stars’ for spring display in part shade. Cyclamen-like reddish-pink blooms in April.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Dodecatheon meadia

Strong growing, pure white sport. Opening around May. Part shade and moisture.Alpines9-10 cm

‘Little Leo’
8” high cultivar, Leopard’s Bane for rock garden. Producing semi double golden flrs. from springAlpines9-10 cm
£3.50Draba aizoidesAn easy and very early spring time alpine. Neat

mound, sprays of bright yellow flrs. Feb-Mar.
Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Draba bruniifoliaClusters of small, glossy green rosettes. Bunches of bright yellow flrs. from Feb. Crevice/trough.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Dryas octopetalaA good, free flowering clone of the native Mountain Avens. Enjoys lime, but not too dry.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Epimedium grandiflorum

‘Lilafee’ (Lilac Fairy)
Violet flowers in abundance. A superb, free flowering hybrid of compact growth, only 8” high.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Epimedium leptorhizumLarge, soft pink flowers held on thin stems above attractive, angular leaves. Leafy shade suits.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Erigeron bellidioides

(coll. Nanda Devi expd.2019)
Found on stony path, on Milam glacier at 11,500’.

White flowered species, with short stems. Scree.
Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Erigeron montanensisLong succession of lilac daisies, held 1” above softly haired, tufted mound. Suits crevice.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Erodium trifoliumAn abundance of white flowers with soft pink blotches, over many months. Full sun, gritty soil.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Erodium chrysanthumFine, silvery green foliage, forming neat mound. Long display sulphur yellow flowers.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Erodium chrysanthum

‘Pale pink form’
Rare. Delicate, ferny foliage of silvery-green, producing a long display of pale pink ‘cups’Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Erodium petraeum

A really long display of white flowers, with blush pink face. Olive green, ferny foliage. Sun.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Felicia rosulataHardy Himalayan species. Cornflower blue flowers with orange centres. Carpeter.Alpines9-10 cm

‘Golden Toupe’
Slow growing and small in stature, fine neeedles of pure golden yellow. Would suit trough.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Ficaria verna

Well behaved Celandine, producing bright coppery-orange blooms in early spring. MoistureAlpines9-10 cm
£4.00Ficaria verna

‘Double Cream’
No fear of this seeding around! Sterile, large fully double, buff/cream flowers in spring.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Ficaria verna

A really showy Celandine, non-invasive with minimal foliage and huge creamy yellow flrs.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Filipendula palmata

Dwarf Form
Beautiful Japanese species of carmine pink flwrs. in late summer. Only 10” high. Floriferous.Alpines9-10 cm
£8.00Fritillaria camschatensis

The yellow species type, flowering at 10” high, easy in moist shade. Seldom offered.Alpines9-10 cm
£8.00Fritillaria camschatensis

Dwarf Form
Rarely offered, relic from Jack Drake nsy. This is the Japanese alpine form, 6-8” high. Jet blackAlpines9-10 cm
£4.00Gentiana acaulis

SPECIAL. A very free-flowering form from Germany. Large, deep blue flowers from May.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Gentiana acaulis

Special. Simply huge, deep blue trumpets on this reliable flwrg. Cultivar. Forms good sized mat.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Geranium dalmaticum

Very special, slow to produce. Remains small with good sized white flowers.Alpines9-10 cm
£5.00Geranium pratense ** ‘Midsummer Night’Raised on our nursery, a very dark leaved miniature. Ht. 8” with lots of large, bright blue flrs.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Geum rivale

‘Leonard’s Variety’
An old cultivar. Peach, semi-double, nodding blooms of good size. Moist soil, part shade.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Geranium sanguineum **

‘Pink Globe’
Compact sport between G. Striatum and G. sang. nanum. Raised on the nursery. Floriferous.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Geum triflorum

Ground hugging species, with ferny foliage. 4” stems, each with 3 nodding apricot bells. U.S.AAlpines9-10 cm
£3.50Globularia trichosanthaLow dome of glossy, linear leaves, with short spikes of mid blue, ball shaped flowers.Alpines9-10 cm

Gypsophila aretioidesFor alpine house or sunny trough – covered in winter. Forms iron hard cushion, very slow.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Gypsophila cerastoidesClose mat, hidden by the abundant white flowers. Ideal for hugging rock formation.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Gypsophila repens

Quite different, this has olive coloured foliage and red stems, with cascades of soft pink flowers.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Gypsophila tenuifoliusClose grass-like cushion, with many pale pink flowers all summer. Neat dome for rockery.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Haquetia epipactisYellow button flower, with large green sepals early Spring. Woodlander for moist shade. AlpsAlpines9-10 cm
£3.50Hebe ramosissimaSlow forming, evergreen mat covered in white flowers, when given full sun. Gritty soil.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Helianthemum nummulariaThe Scottish species, growing prostrately over rocks. Long display of clear yellow flowers.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Hepatica nobilis

Pure white form of this popular, early spring woodlander. Flowers above unmarked leaves.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Hepatica nobilis

(Violet Blue)
This form we grow is from plants obtained with the darkest violet shade imaginable.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Hepatica nobilis

(Dusky Pink)
Selected for its soft lilac/pink shade, a welcome colour break, also a free flowering clone.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Hepatica nobilis

Beautiful, dusky pink flowers sit above attractively marked foliage. Usually stays evergreen.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Hepatica nobilis

‘Pyrenean Marbles’
Stunning, large white flowers above Cyclamen- like, marbled fol. Last of the nobilis to flower.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Hepatica nobilis

Red Shades
These seedlings will vary, from reddish-pink to clear, deep red. Worthwhile subject for pan.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Heuchera pulchellaDainty mound producing many red stems of soft pink flowers. High regions of Rocky Mts.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Hieraceum villosumIntense silver haired foliage, with dramtic bunches of large yellow, Hawkweed flowers.Alpines9-10 cm

‘Blue Mouse Ears’
Ideal for shady troughs, etc. Rounded blue leaves with deep lilac, good sized flowers. Ht. 3”Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Hosta kikutii

var yakusimensis
A mere pad of tiny leaves, sending up 3” stems of large, lilac flowers. Quite uncommon. Suits troughAlpines9-10 cm
£3.50Hypericum empetrifolium nanumSuperb crevice plant, forming compact carpet. Smothered in small yellow flowers all Summer.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Hypericum olympicum

Beautiful, rounded evergreen shrublet, perpetually flowering from early summer. Yellow flowers.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Hypericum reptansProstrate mat of tiny, Thyme-like fol. and un-naturally large yellow flowers. Himalayas.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Impatiens omiense

Truly hardy, ground covering species with natural variegation and lots of late yellow flwrs.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Incarvillea delavayii

‘Bee’s Pink’
Large, exotic shallow trumpets in soft pink shade, early suumer. Well drained soil in sun.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Incarvillea zhongdianensisA strong growing species, suited to sunny border

with reddish-pink flowers. Good drainage.
Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Ipheion uniflorum

‘Charlotte Bishop’
Tufts of grass-like stems produce long spring display of dusky pink stars. For border or rockery.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Ipheion uniflorum

A beautiful new cultivar, producing star shaped

Flowers in shade of deep royal blue.
Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Iris x intermedia

‘The Gingerbread Man’
Unusual, dwarf bearded Iris. Brown flowers with violet beard. Ht. 10”. Full sun, free flowering.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Iris pumila

‘Cherry Garden’
For those who like dark flowers, this 8” Iris has large, aubergine coloured blooms in spring.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Iris pumila

A ‘must have’ plant. White flowers with a violet picotee edge to the petals. Approx. 8” high.Alpines9-10 cm
£6.00Iris pumila

“Little Shadow”
Rare. Slow to increase, this 8” high cultivar has darkest blue flowers with almost black falls.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Iris pumila

(Sky Blue)
We don’t have the correct name for this reliably free flowering, self coloured, sky blue dwarf Iris.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Iris richenbachiiA real gem for alpine house or show bench. Only 3” high, with large brassy gold bearded flowers.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Iris schachtiiBeautiful species Iris for pot culture or show bench. Succession of large bright yellow flwrs. 12”Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Iris suavaolensTiny species from the Caucasus. Brass coloured, bearded Iris flowers, only 3” high.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Iris setosa

Dwarf form
Easy to please, free flwrg. Dwarf Iris. Suits small rockery. Blue flowers, gold veining. Approx.6”Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Lamium sandrasicumOf low, globular habit, covered in many white, pink-lipped Snapdragon-like flowers. Sun. Ht. 4”Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Lathyrus vernus

Very free flowering, soft pink perennial pea, for front of border, or woodland edge. Herbaceous.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Leucojum vernumGiant Snowdrop relative. 8” stems topped by huge white bells from Feb. Likes moisture & shade.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Leucojum vernum

Grown from divisions of our best yellow tipped bulbs. Less vigorous than the greens. Moisture,Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Lewisia nevadensis

Soft pink flowers, held in heart of narrow leaves,

early summer. Ideal pot plant for cold g/house.
Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Limonium speciosum

‘Blue Diamond’
An alpine Statice for raised beds in sun. 10” stems papery flwrs. of pale lavender. Evergreen.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Lithodora diffusa

‘Heavenly Blue’
Few alpines exhibit such a deep blue colour of flower. Stunning when seen as a wide mat.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Lysimachia japonica

Japanese species forming neat pad, studded with tiny yellow flowers. Non-invasive. May-Aug.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Maianthemum bifolium

var Yakushimanum
This tiny species from Japan carpets troughs and shady areas under shrubs. Slow, non-invasive.Alpines9-10 cm
£6.50Meconopsis quintuplinerviaReginald Farrar’s ‘Harebell Poppy’ for shady, cool spots. Enjoys moist, leafy soil in shade. Runs.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Mertensia maritimaRare Scottish native to Outer Hebrides. Sky blue, leaves, small thimble flowers. Sandy soil in sun.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Muscari aucheri

‘Ocean Magic’ 3 bulbs
One of the ‘new look’ well behaved grape Hyacinths. Bright blue, graduating to whiteAlpines9-10 cm

‘Pink Sunrise’
A grape Hyacinth, of soft pink colour, beautiful in pots with cream and blue Primroses.Alpines9-10 cm

‘Elka’ 2 bulbs
Dwarf, trumpet Narcissi, starts as palest yellow, opening fully to pure white. Ht. 8”.Alpines9-10 cm

Delicate looking, yet hardy miniature for alpine garden. Pale butter yellow trumpets. Ht. 4”Alpines9-10 cm
£5.00Narcissus cyclamineus

Only 6” high, with large, yellow swept back flowers. Long lived and reliable. Bulks up well.Alpines9-10 cm

Stunning white miniature hybrid, usually produces 2 stems per bulb, each with several blooms. Ht. 8”Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Narcissus cyclamineus

Opening creamy yellow, soon turning pure white with delicate scent. Approx. 10” high.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Narcissus nanus

Stunning cultivar, this tiny Daffodil with yellow trumpets. Guaranteed to flwr. and bulk up, only 3”Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Narcissus poeticus

‘Plenus’ 2 bulbs
The last Daffodil to flower. White, semi –double Gardenia blooms with exquisite scent. Special.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Narcissus triandrus

“Lemon Drops”
One of the finest cultivars, producing 10” stems of large, palest sulphur yellow triandrus blooms.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Omphallodes cappadocia

‘Cherry Ingram’
Abundant flrs. on this woodland gem. Many ‘Forget-me-not’ blooms. Ideal for leafy shade.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Oreomyrhis argenteaClose silvery pad, with stemless pale pink candles early summer. Suits troughs or crevices.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Oxalis acetosella

Deserves better attention, heavy flowering, deep pink Wood Sorrel for leafy shade. Ground cover.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Oxalis enneaphylla

A lovely, pure white form with green eye, flowering stemlessly over silvery-grey leaves.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Oxalis enneaphylla

x ‘Ione Hecker’
Huge, stemless flrs. of pale pink, strikingly veined in violet. One of the very best Oxalis.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Oxalis enneaphylla

‘Waverley Hybrid’
Small impressive hybrid, ideal for troughs. Dark purple, magenta veined flowers. Very special.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Oxalis magellanica

‘Flora Plena’
Rightly popular. Many small, white pom-pom flowers. For gravel edges, or between paving.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Oxalis oregana

‘Bob Haszeldene’
Most attractive Shamrock leaves, with long display of large, pink cup flowers. Woodland.Alpines9-10 cm

Small, dome shaped shrublet, smothered in profusion of white flowers, all summer long.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Penstemon hetrophyllus

‘Blue Gem’
Slow growing mat, producing many short spikes of deep blue flrs. late May-July. For scree / troughAlpines9-10 cm
£3.50Persicaria vaccinifoliaFrom high in Tibet, this low species cascades over rocks, with hundreds of pink pokers. Ht. 3”Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Phlox douglasii

Lovely, compact needle-leafed mat, ideal for troughs or rockery. Dark crimson flowers.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Phlox douglasii

Lovely shade of lavender, sweet scent in spring.

P. douglasii hybrids are excellent in troughs.
Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Phlox subulata

Lovely new introduction. Cream flowers with a striking violet eye. Cascading rock plant.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Phlox subulata

‘Purple Beauty’
An original colour of cultivar, abundantly flowering, with puplish-blue blooms from May.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Polygonatum pratiiDusky lilac, miniature bells hang from slender leaf axils in spring. Approx. 9” ht. Woodlander.Alpines9-10 cm
£5.00Polygonatum x ‘Betburg’An interesting hybrid, with slate grey foliage which turns green later in summer. White bells. 18”Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Potentilla eriocarpaWonderful Himalayan species of tidy, creeping habit. Long display of small, golden flwrs. Late.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Potentilla megalanthaAttractive, softly haired leaves frame clusters of huge, golden yellow blooms all summer. Japan.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Potentilla species

(coll. Nanda Devi, expd.2019)
This ground hugging species from 14,100’ displays vibrant red fol. colour in Autumn. N. IndiaAlpines9-10 cm
£3.50Potentilla verna

Lovely close mat of deepest green leaves, studded with egg yolk yellow flrs. of good size.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Pulsatilla halleri

Huge, open face goblets of light lavender blue.

Easter flowering. For rocky site in full sun.
Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Pulsatilla vulgaris

‘Eve Constance’
The spring Pasque Flower in a delicate shade of pale strawberry. Good, well drained soil suits.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Pulsatilla vulgaris

A strain of Pasque Flower, sporting fringed blooms in various colours. April –May.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Pulsatilla vulgaris

‘Pearl Bells’
A new sport, with soft pink flowers. Easy rockery or front of border plant.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Ranunculus alpestrisIdeal trough or crevice species, of tidy habit. Long display of white Buttercups from spring.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Ranunculus bilobusMiniature white Buttercup, for rocky scree or trough. Spring flowering.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Ranunculus gramineusAttractive thick grey leaves, 10” stems topped with large golden buttercups. Non-invasive.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Ranunculus montanus

‘Flore Pleno’
Fully double, golden flowers above 5” stems, from April to early summer. Moisture.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Ranunculus montanus

‘Molten Gold’
Another of our high alpine species Buttercups, from Alps. Glossy, golden flrs over neat moundAlpines9-10 cm
£4.00Roscoea cautleyoidesEasy woodlander. Butter yellow orchid-like flowers arise rapidly from leafy shade in early June.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Roscoea purpureaEasy to grow in a woodland setting, this large purple flowered species blooms in Autumn.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Roscoea tibetica

A rare introduction, ex Tibet. Pure white, stemless flowers in early summer. Suits trough. Part shade.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Saponaria x ‘Olivana’Famous old cultivar, forming a neat mat, and radiating large, soft pink flowers all summer.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Saponaria ocymoides

‘Rubra Compacta’
5” wide pad, radiating bunches of reddish-pink flowers, early summer. Lovely crevice plant.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Saponaria ocymoides

‘Snow Tip’
Quite different in habit from usual pink. Dense mat, radiating short stems of pure white flowers.Alpines9-10 cm

‘Hareknoll Beauty’
Silvery, encrusted rosettes give rise to many stems of red flowers, over long period.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Saxifraga crustataSlow growing, low hard cushion. White flowers with thin silver encrusted fol. Superb trough plant.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Saxifraga canis

Encrusted Saxifraga, forming dome of silvery rosettes, topped by palest pink/white flowers.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Saxifraga cochlearis

Small, hard dome of silvery rosettes. White flowers early summer. Suits trough or crevice.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Saxifraga cotyledon

‘Kath Dryden’
Large, encrusted rosettes produce arching sprays of large white flowers from late May.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Saxifraga cotyledon

‘South Side Seedling’
Large starfish shaped rosettes send up many white flrs-vividly splashed with red centres.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Saxifraga elizabethea

‘Boston Spa’
Free flowering in April. Lots of Primrose yellow flrs on this kabschia type. Ideal for trough.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Saxifraga oppositifolium

The striking purple Saxifraga of early spring, growing so well in our Scottish climate.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Saxifraga paniculata

ssp baldensis
Hard pads of small silvery rosettes, with abundant white flowers on 5” stems. Slow growing mat.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Saxifraga paniculata

var minutifolia
Hard pads of small silvery rosettes, with abundant white flowers on 5” stems. Ideal trough Sax.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Saxifraga paniculata

Silvery rosettes forming close cushion, with many stems of red flowers in mid summer.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Saxifraga x salmonica

Beautiful, hard cushions of steel grey foliage, covered in white, stemless flowers Dec – Feb.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Saxifraga x boydilacina

Small subject for trough, forming neat pad of deep green foliage, with stemless palest peach flowers.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Saxifraga kotschyanaSmall and slow species, from Iran. Green rosettes, lightly encrusted. White flwrs. 5” stems.Alpines9-10 cm

‘Winifred Bevington’
Green rosettes packed tightly together, each with a red stem, topped with bunches of pink flowers.Alpines9-10 cm

A cultivar grown for its distinct and strikingly marked rosettes, displaying white encrustationsAlpines9-10 cm
£4.00Saxifraga primuloides

‘Clarence Elliot’
Emerald green rosettes, each sending up red stems and lots of frothy pink flowers in summer.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Scabiosa japonica **

‘Rose Quartz’
Our own introduction. Very compact habit, with large soft pink blooms all summer.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Scilla hyacinthoidesSeldom offered or seen, this pure white summer flwrg. Scilla looks great in part shade or sun. 8”Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Scutellaria japonicaConstant supply of soft, amethyst blue flrs. from July. Low mounds of dark green fol. Desirable.Alpines9-10 cm

‘Bertram Anderson’
Small plant, radiating almost black, rounded leaves. Lax stems carry bunches of ruby flowers.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Sedum reflexum

‘Red Form’
A less vigorous sport, turning a vibrant red from autumn to late spring. Uncommon.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Semiaquilegia ecalcarataDainty maroon bells hang from 7’ stems, giving long display in spring. ‘Maidenhair’-like foliage.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Sempervivum arachnoideum

Congested rosettes, covered in cobweb filaments.

Ideal for crevice or trough. Sharp drainage reqd.
Alpines9-10 cm

‘Engle’s Rubrum’
Finely haired, dove grey rosettes. A subtle, but beautiful enhancement to troughs or pots.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Sempervivum tectorum

Silvery haired rosettes of deep claret, adding year round colour to rocky crevice or troughs.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Serratula shawii

syn seoneai
Late flowering, 16” high stems above darkest green, feathery fol. Masses mauve knapweeds.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Silene acaulis

This golden leafed form of Moss Campion was found on Shetland. Stemless pink flwrs. Moisture.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Silene maritima

A spectacular display of palest pink flower bells covers the cascading foliage, spring – summer.Alpines9-10 cm

‘Devon Skies’
Non-invasive cultivar, suitable for rock garden. Lovely pale blue cups all summer long. 5”Alpines9-10 cm

‘Dragon’s Eye’
A tidy, non-invasive Iris like plant, producing cream cups with purple eye zone. 5” high.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Soldanella alpina

Due to its tiny size, best grown in shallow pan.

Lots of small, white fringed bells from April.
Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Soldanella carpaticaLush green, rounded foliage forming small mat. Short stems of violet bells from April.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.50Soldanella minimaSlow, creeping mat of tiny leaves, topped with small white bells. Best in trough or pan.Alpines9-10 cm

‘Spring Symphony’
Similar to ‘Sudden Spring’, but flowers are larger, and entire plant is smaller and slower.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Soldanella x

‘Sudden Spring’
Small leafed montana hybrid, of free flowering habit. Pale lilac flowers, of good size. Early.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Soldanella villosaN. American species, growing at edge of light woodland. 8” stems, with lots of violet bellsAlpines9-10 cm
£3.50Solidago virgaurea

ssp minima
Uncommon form, apparently a rare native. Dwarf mound with tiny yellow buttons, Sept. to Oct.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Sieversia pentapetalaSlow carpeter from Japan. Dryas-like cream flowers, over dissected leaves.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Spirea japonica

Reaching 10” high and 2 ft. wide. Reliably covered in pink flowers. For larger rock gardenAlpines9-10 cm
£4.00Stachys discolorNative to Iran, producing large, pale cream flrs. on 9” stems, early summer. Good drainage, full sun.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Stachys officinalis

Welcome introduction for the larger rock garden, 10” stems of pale purple spikes in summer.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Stachys officinalis

‘Dwarf White’
Miniature alpine sport, suitable for troughs, etc. Short spikes pure white flowers. Summer/AutumnAlpines9-10 cm
£4.00Teucrium pyrenaicumClassy, crevice plant, hugging contours. Cream/ purple lipped flwrs. Mid summer. Sharp drainageAlpines9-10 cm

‘Red Elf’
A chance sport from T. ‘Elfin Dome’- VERY floriferous, deep reddish flowers. HARDY.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Townsendia alpigena

var alpigena
Small tufts of linear leaves, with 4” stems of lavender daisies, spring-summer. Sunny crevice.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Trollius europeaus

‘Lemon Supreme’
Stocky new sport, only 14” high. Acid yellow globes from late spring. Suits border fronts.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Trollius ranunculoidesGood sized, single Buttercup like flowers, above 8” stems. Late summer. Suits woodland edge.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Umbilicus oppositifolius

(formerly Chiastophyllum)
Round, succulent leaves and pendulous Laburnum-like chains. From early May-June.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Uvularia grandiflora

var pallida
Creamy yellow, drooping blooms on 9” stems. Perfect with small woodland plants. Part shade.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Veronica oltensisSuitable trough plant, forming close pad of tiny leaves topped by many short, blue spikes.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Veronica prostrata

‘Lilac Time’
A slow growing, compact cultivar, with soft lilac spikes, covering pad of tiny leaves.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Veronica spicata

‘Prince’s Feather’
Emerald green foliage, hugs ground. 6” spikes of deep violet blue, flowering mid summer. Showy.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Vinca minor

‘Azurea Flore Pleno’
Superb ground cover for sun or part shade. Sprays of double blue flowers, from spring.Alpines9-10 cm
£4.00Vinca minor atropurpurea **

‘Rumbling Bridge Double’
A chance seedling appearing on the nursery, of more upright habit, with double purple flowers.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Viola aduncaColl. Mary’s Peak, Oregon at 4,000’. Tidy pad of small leaves, flwrs.vary from deep pink – violet.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Viola hancockiiAttractive, rare species from Vietnam, with large lilac flrs. over deep green leathery text. leaves.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Viola odorata

‘Coeur d’Alsace’
The Parma Violet, in delicate shade of dusky pink. Flowering from early March,. Part shade.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Viola odorata

An unusual form of the Sweet Violet in a shade of pale sulphur yellow. Also, less vigorous.Alpines9-10 cm
£3.50Primula auricula hybrids **

‘Rumbling Bridge Strain’
Our finest hybrid mix. Many exhibit serrated edge leaves and farina. Wide ranging colours.Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£4.50Primula x **

‘Kusum Krishna’
Our best hybrid yet, received a P.C. in 2007. Lrg. stunning Gentian blue flrs. Stemless habit.Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£4.00Primula allionii

‘Aire Mist’
Successful show variety of long standing. Very compact cushion, hidden by huge, white flowers.Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£4.00Primula allionii

‘Jackie Richards’
Superb show plant, forming compact glossy green rosettes. Covered with many powder blue flowers.Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£4.00Primula x allionii

Very close cushion, hidden by cream flowers

from early April. Fine show plant.
Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£4.00Primula x

‘Broadwell Milkmaid’
One of the most compact and free flowering show varieties. Stemless cream flwrs. from April.Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£6.00Primula x ‘Celtic Maiden’ **

(the yellow marginata)
Our own introduction, sporting powdery marginata foliage, with many large Primrose yellow flowers.Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£4.00Primula auricula

Species ( Coll. Switzerland)
Seed grown plants from an excellent form, originally collected Switzerland. Some mealy.Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£4.00Primula hirsuta

‘Lockey’s Red’
Lovely sport, raised by Derek Lockey. Makes a good show plant. Rasp. red, yellow eyed fllowers.Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£5.00Primula hirsuta

This pure white form is easier to grow and maintain, especially in pot for show.Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£4.00Primula marginata

Dwarf Form
Best enjoyed in troughs or pots in cold g’house, due to small habit. Deep violet blue flrs. MarchPrimulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£4.50Primula marginata

var Laciniata
Deeply serrated leaves, like Holly foliage, dusted in farina. Sky blue flowers from March – April.Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£6.00Primula marginata **

‘Late Frost’
Our latest introduction - a compact, large flwrd. white, extending the marginata season into May.Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£4.50Primula melanops x chionanthaMid way hybrid , approx. 10” high. Bunches of nodding, open faced purple flowers. Rare.Primulas - Species9-10 cm
£4.00Primula x pubescens

‘Jo Jo’
The seedling partner to Clarence Elliott, though, superior. More compact/floriferous. Deep blue.Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£5.00Primula x pubescens **

‘Rumbling Bridge’
Good sized flowers of butter yellow, against neat farinose leaves. Please see page on our website.Primulas - European & Hybrids9-10 cm
£3.50Primula alpicola

A selection with pale, moonlight yellow bells, powdered within. Most popular of our 3 forms.Primulas - Species9 cm
£3.50Primula alpicola

The species type, appearing in range of colours from pinky-terracotta, to pale or deepest violet.Primulas - Species9 cm
£6.00Primula aurantiacaSeldom available. Dwarf Candelabra with brown stems, and tiers of deep orange/pink flowers.Primulas - Species1 Litre
£4.00Primula aurantiaca x **

pulverulenta P.C.
This shorter growing Candelabra hybrid appeared on Nsy. 2012. Wide range of colours.Primulas - Species9 cm
£3.50Primula beesianaMost commonly seen of candelabras, deep reddish pink flowers late May. Likes moisture.Primulas - Species9 cm
£3.50Primula bulleyanaThe best known of the Candelabras, much admired for its hot orange flrs. in mid summer.Primulas - Species9 cm
£4.00Primula cashmerianaLess robust than P. denticulata. Mid blue drumsticks, held above mealy leaves. April-May.Primulas - Species9 cm
£3.50Primula chionanthaGolden farina covers undersides of the leaves and flower stalks. Deep purple or white flowers.Primulas - Species9 cm
£4.50Primula denticulata

(Blue Shades)
Grown from best selected blues. Shades will vary. One of the best Primulas for a Scottish spring.Primulas - Species1 Litre
£5.00Primula denticulata

Absolutely stunning shade of deep, ruby red. Brightens up the early spring garden.Primulas - Species1 Litre
£3.50Primula denticulata

Seedlings grown from the stunning denticulata ‘Rubinball’. Colours may vary.Primulas - Species9 cm
£6.00Primula elatior (Ltd. Supply)**

ssp meyeri ‘Arwen’ P.C.2019
Pure white Oxslip flowers in April. A new form, raised here through years of colour selection.Primulas - Species9 cm
£4.00Primula florindae

‘Red Shades’
We have selected, over many years, the deepest

pillar box red forms, which come true. Fragrant.
Primulas - Species9 cm

‘John Fielding’
Small and compact Primrose, of slow habit. Sprays of purplish-blue blooms from February.Primulas - Species9 cm
£3.50Primula x ‘Johanna’Dwarf hybrid for wet soils. 6” stems soft pink, sometimes second or third tier. Sterile hybrid.Primulas - Species9 cm
£3.50Primula juliaeTurkish miniature, creeping Primrose. Deep violet blue flowers. Enjoys North facing, moist bank.Primulas - Species9 cm
£4.00Primula poissoniiTiers of claret flowers with yellow eye and evergreen, glossy fol. Moisture/part shade. China.Primulas - Species9 cm
£3.50Primula roseaCommon, but always popular in Spring. Vivid pink flowers with yellow eye. Tight clump.Primulas - Species9 cm
£3.50Primula secundifloraCowslip type from China. 10” stems, nodding downwards, clad in cherry red bells. Wet soils.Primulas - Species9 cm
£4.00Primula sikkimensis

Wonderful dwarf, of multi-stemmed habit, with bunches of claret bells/cream inner. Only 8” high.Primulas - Species9 cm
£3.50Primula sikkimensis

var pudibunda
A stockier growing selection, of the popular nodding, yellow cowslip Primula. Likes moisturePrimulas - Species9 cm
£3.50Primula veris

‘Sunset Shades’
Neat growing cowslip, with shorter stems than native variety. Deep red to pale orange shades.Primulas - Species9 cm
£3.50Primula vialliiThe ‘Orchid Primrose’. Violet spike, with poker of vivid red colour. Prefers a lighter border soil.Primulas - Species9 cm
£4.00Primula juliana

‘Hallbarn Blue’
An old compact Primrose, of free flowering habit

hidden by mid blue blooms. Early.
Primulas - Species9 cm
£4.00Primula vulgaris

‘Iris Mainwaring’
Compact and heavy flowering Primrose, with huge lilac blooms, which hide foliage in spring.Primulas - Species9 cm
£3.50Primula waltoniiAsian Cowslip type Primula with 2’ stems of flowers in varying shades of plum/purple.Primulas - Species9 cm
£4.50Primula waltonii **

Raised on the nursery, by isolating our first white seedlings. Tall nodding Cowslips of creamy white.Primulas - Species9 cm
£4.00Primula waltonii **

(Butter Yellow)
We have developed in isolation, plants of a beautiful soft, pale yellow. Stems to 2’ in height.Primulas - Species9 cm
£4.00Primula wilsonii

var anisadora
Evergreen rosettes with tiers of blooms in deep claret, with gold inner ring. For wet soils.Primulas - Species9 cm
£7.00Adiantum venustumTotally hardy Maidenhair Fern, from Himalayas.

Enjoys cool, shady spot, with leafy compost.
Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£6.00Anaphalis triplinervis

‘Sommer Schnee’
Beautiful, silvery carpet of silky haired leaves and 10” stems of white, everlasting flowers. Jun-Sept.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£5.00Astilbe crispa

Japanese species with very short, stiff leaves and 6” spikes of radiant pink flwrs. Suits rock garden.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£7.00Astilbe japonica

‘Red Sentinel’
Still the best red Astilbe to date. Enhanced by lovely cherry tint to leaves. July-Aug. Ht. 16”.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£8.00Bergenia ciliataDeciduous species, producing light pink bells before lrg. softly haired fol. in spring. Uncommon.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£6.00Bergenia cordifolia

Compact cultivar, with good red winter colour. Flowers are a purplish-red colour. Late spring.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£7.00Caltha palustris

Fully double form of the native Marsh Marigold. Ideal for permanently wet sites. Long flowering.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£7.00Clematis alpina

The seldom seen pure white sport. Suitable for scrambling through smaller trees or shrubs.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre

Best known of the bronze leafed cultivars, a free flwrg. brassy gold colour. Totally hardy. Aug-Oct.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£10.00Dactylhoriza foliosaOften called D. majalis, of deepest purple shade. Spikes held above unmarked broad leaves.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£12.00Dactylhoriza foliosa

Seldom offered cultivar, prized for its bold, vibrant magenta spikes in early summer. Approx. 12”.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£10.00Dactylhoriza fuchsiiOur native spotted Orchid, so easy to please. Flowering almost anywhere in the garden.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre

This short American sport has become very popular for its dark, bronzy –red flowers. Ht. 16”Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£7.00Eryngium x zabelii

‘Jos Eijking’
Low foliage, with white veining, 16” stems of deepest violet blue Sea Holly flowers.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£5.00Geranium renardiiRound, sage like leaves, and 6” stems of large cream flrs, deeply veined in grey. Himalayas.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£6.00Incarvillea compactaRaised from botanical seed, these will flower at approx. 9”. Well drained soil, in full sun.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£6.00Incarvillea mairei

The true plant, with ground hugging foliage and 12” stems of gigantic rose pink flowers.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£5.00Inula orientalis

Forming small clump of narrow leaves, with 14” stems of large orange Calendula like blooms.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£7.00Iris chrysographes

‘Black As Your Hat’
These are divisions of the finest jet black sport, raised on the old Jack Drake nursery. Moisture.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£7.00Lathyrus vernus

Unique shade of azure blue, on this recent Scottish introduction. For woodland/shady border.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£9.00Lilium martagonWe have large, home grown bulbs of the lovely

‘Turk’s Cap Lily’ These will establish well.
Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£10.00Linnaea borealis

The native woodland ‘Twinflower’, now struggling for survival. Leafy, moist shade.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£7.00Meconopsis baileyiHardly needs description, best known of the Himalayan Blue Poppies,. Sky blue flowers.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£7.00Meconopsis baileyi

Really beautiful large flowered white form of the Himalayan Blue Poppy. Boss of golden stamens.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£8.00Meconopsis x cookei

‘Old Rose’
Long-lived hybrid, often flowering spring and autumn. Crushed strawberry colour flwrs. 1’ ht.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£7.00Meconopsis x

‘Jimmy Bayne’
A sterile hybrid with deepest blue, large flowers.

Runs, to form an impressive stand.
Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£7.00Meconopsis x

Our plants originate from Lingholm Garden. Showing marked vigour and multi-crown habit.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£8.00Paeonia maireiA free-flowering, close relative of P. veitchii from China. Large, deep pink single blooms.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£5.00Persicaria affinis

‘Donald Lowndes’
Compact and slow growing, a rare cultivar, producing a mass of soft pink/dark red pokers.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£8.00Polygonatum x hybridum

For those who like variegation, this small, slow growing Solomon’s Seal has cream streaked fol.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£8.00Polygonatum odoratumSlow spreading species, of stocky habit. 10” stems of large fragrant, white bells.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£6.00Polygonatum species

(name unknown)
Thought to be a variant of P. hookeri. 5” high, with lovely violet bells. Longer flowering.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£9.00Sanguinaria canadensis

White, fully double blooms, in earliest spring, like small water lilies. Rarely offered as 1L pots.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre

Large, glossy rosettes of deep claret. Colour remains, for year long interest on rockery.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre

‘Mrs. Guiseppe’
Large, olive green rosettes with dramatic, maroon tipped leaves. Vigorous variety.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£9.00Sorbus poterifoliaSeldom offered.Ground hugging, Chinese species, producing large white fruits in autumn.Shrubs1 Litre
£9.00Sorbus rufopilosaRARE. Dwarf Rowan, coll. high alt. Bhutan. Approx. 7’ high, abundant white berries.Shrubs1 Litre
£10.00Trillium chloropetalum

Giganteum E.B.G. Form
We stick with the well marked foliage clone – ‘Edinburgh Botanics Form’. Deep plum flwrs.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£7.00Uvularia grandiflora

Twisted, yellow petals dangle from 16” stems from early May. N. American woodlander.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre
£12.00Caltha x ‘Moonshine’ **

(polypetala x leptosepala)
Our own hybrid, sporting huge butter yellow flwrs. from Feb-May. Sterile, hence long flwrg. period.Woodland and Herbaceous2 Litre
£6.00Cotoneaster atrophorosSlow, ground covering species from S.W. China. Small leaves, edged with silvery ‘hair’.Shrubs1 Litre
£10.00Daphne mezereum Album

(Dwarf Form) 10”
Rare sport, best suited to trough or rock garden with other alpines. Flwrs. from Feb – April.Shrubs1 Litre
£10.00Daphne tangutica

Dwarf Form
An uncommon selection, reaching only 26” high x 30”. Has same long flowering period. Scented.Shrubs1 Litre
£5.00Euonymus fortunei

Provides structure, as it hugs rock contours. Evergreen, small glossy fol. Tiny yellow flwrs.Shrubs1 Litre
£5.00Hebe odorataGround hugging, glossy leaves forming small mat. Smothered in white flowers, if given full sun.Shrubs1 Litre
£7.00Myrtus nummularia (Falkland Island Form)Different from Myrteola numm. of Chile. Slow, prostrate mat, shell pink berries. Acid conditions.Shrubs1 Litre
£10.00Phylliopsis x

Profusion of pale pink thimbles, on a neat globe, small enough for a trough. Repeats in Autumn.Shrubs1.5 Litre
£10.00Phyllodoce x alpinaRare hybrid between P. nipponica x P. aleutica.

Producing large pink globular flwrs. April/May
Shrubs1.5 Litre
£10.00Phyllodoce caerulea ‘Wm. Buchanan’s peach seedling’Very rare hybrid, selected by famous plantsman, Wm. Buchanan. Pinky-peach tint to bells.Shrubs1.5 Litre
£10.00Phyllodoce empetriformisTidy, dense growing species, of rounded habit

covered in deep pink bells, from April.
Shrubs1.5 Litre
£6.00Potentilla fruiticosa

‘Tilford Cream’
Masses of large cream flowers cover this fairly small, slow growing shrub. Can be clipped to size.Shrubs1 Litre
£10.00Rhododendron radicansSlow growing, prostrate species with closely held purple flowers. Looks good in ericacaeous trough.Shrubs1.5 Litre
£7.00Vaccinium delavayiSlow gound cover, only 6” high. Grown for its fiery red, new foliage. Acid soil. Ideal with Ericas.Shrubs1 Litre
£7.00Vaccinium praestansProstrate mat, gently runs through leafy, ericaceous soil. Pink flwrs, superb autumn colour.Shrubs1 Litre

vitis idaea minus
Forming a close pad, covered in pink flowers in spring. Ideal ericaceous trough subject.Shrubs1 Litre