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NameDescriptionCategoryPot sizePrice
Achillea x ‘King Edward’First rate alpine, flowering for ages with soft primrose yellow blooms. Only 4” high.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Achillea ageratifoliaClose, silvery pad with 3” stems of large, white flowers. Trough or scree in full sun. Uncommon.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Adonis brevistyla
(syn davidii)
Uncommon. Large, glistening white daisies with an ice-blue reverse, giving crystal-like effect.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Allium acuminatumNorth American species, approx. 7” high, with umbels of lrg. reddish-pink flowers. Full sun.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Allium beesianumThe true species, rarely seen. 8” stems, topped with nodding heads of large sky blue bells.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Allium cernnum
‘Dwarf White’
Wonderful, new introduction. Free flowering, at
only 7” high. Looks good on rockery.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Allium cyaneumClose tuft of needle thin leaves, topped by many small Gentian blue heads in summer. Ht. 7”Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Allium insubricumVery special, slow to reach flowering. size, dusky pink, thimble sized bells hang from 8” stems.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Allium kokanicumSlender arching stems to 8” high, support rounded nodding, dusky pink heads. Uncommon.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Allium pseudojaponicumA rare species from S. Korea and Japan. With white flowers, only 7” high, in autumn.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Allium sikkimensisNeat rockery species at only 7” with deep royal blue heads. One of very best for alpine gardens.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Allium thunbergiiLast alpine to flower on Nursery, at only 6”. Round, pink globes, Oct – November. Japan.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Allium wallichianumAttractive Himalayan species, growing to 16”,
with deep purple nodding umbels, mid summer.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Anacyclus depressusSilvery filigree foliage, radiating red backed, white daisies all summer. Ideal in sunny crevice.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Androsace carnea
Forming neat cushion with masses of pale pink Flowers. in march. Ideal trough plant for full sun.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Androsace studiosorumA good form, with large pink flowers in June.
Easy alpine for crevice gardens or troughs.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Androsace villosaOne for the alpine collector. Best in cool alpine house. Silvery fol., many white stemless flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Anemone nemorosa
‘Blue Bonnet’
Deeper shade of lavender blue flowers than ‘Robinsoniana’. Slow growing special for shade.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Anemone nemerosa
‘Flore Pleno’
Finer leafed and slower growing than A. ‘Vestal’.
Flowers fully double, over long period.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Anemone nemorosa
‘Royal Blue’
Large flowers of a good strong blue. A dramatic addition for leafy shade. Slow spreader.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Anemone x lipsiensis
(syn seemannii)
Beautiful, pale yellow hybrid, between A. ranunculoides and native wood anemone.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Anemone nemorosa
x ‘Vestal’
Double pom-pom centres on this classic w/land
Anemone. Mid-late spring, Free flowering. G/cover.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Anemone nemorosa
x ‘Virescens’
Unusual sport. Ferny green bracts instead of flowers. Very decorative for shaded woodland.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Anemone palmata luteaOne of many names for A. magellanica. Our form has strong vanilla yellow colour. 10” highAlpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Anemone ranunculoides
‘Semi Plena’
Beautiful form of the well known, yellow spring Anemone. Good sized semi double blooms. EarlyAlpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Anemone sylvestris
‘Flore Pleno’
Quite a rare item. Flowers so double, they form a full pom-pom. Groundcover at only 4” ht.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Anemone trullifoliaGood sized flowers of rich blue, late spring, 3” high. Ours are 3-4 yr. old plants. Himalayas.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Antennaria dioica
A superb combination. Red button flwrs. above silvery mat. Lovely over rocks and gravel.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Anthemus creticus
var leucanthemoides
Close, silvery mat radiating many white daisies at gravel level. Ideal crevice plant. Full sun.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Aquilegia bertoloniiThe tiniest Aquilegia of Italian Alps. 2” hair thin stems, with large, deep blue flowers. For scree.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Aquilegia buergeriana
Charming, dwarf species Aquilegia, with chocolate lanterns and cream cup inside. 5”Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Aquilegia ottonis
ssp amaliae
Dwarf, fragrant species from Greece, only 5” ht.
Flowers of soft, pale blue with white central cup.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Armeria juniperifolia
One of the easiest and best trough plants. Tight mound, pure white Thrift Flowers. in early spring.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Armeria juniperifolia
‘Bevan’s Form’
Tight dome radiating many deep pink ‘Thrift’ Flowers. over fairly long period. Great trough plant.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Aster alpinus
‘Dark Beauty’
Large, deep violet blue daisies on 6” stems. Enjoys perfect drainage in full sun. Eur. Alps.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Astilbe chinensis pumila
‘Tiny Form’
Perfect 6” miniature of this species Astilbe, which we have long cultivated. V. uncommonAlpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Astilbe crispa
Japanese species with very short, stiff leaves and 6” spikes of radiant pink flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Astilbe simplicifolia
‘Inshriach Pink’
A Scottish hybrid of superior flowering habit. Many pink flowers above bronzy foliage. Ht. 12”Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Astilbe glaberrima
The smallest species, hails from Mountains of Japan. 2“ stems of cream Flowers. emerge from close mat.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
‘Bressingham Red’
The best red to date of this easy, yet valuable addition to rockery. Flowers in spring.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Aubrieta gracilis
‘Kitte Blue’
One of the best, for length of flowering time. An intense, rich blue. Full sun.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Bright gold variegation to the compact rosettes. Light lavender blue flowers. Uncommon.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Aubrieta variegata
A non-cascading cultivar, forming close cushion with long display of lavender flowers. Mar-Jun.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Azorella trifurcata
Dense cushion plant. Easy to grow through gravel. Prickly foliage. Slow, 12” spread.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
‘Mrs. Crawford’
Possible hybrid of ciliata found in Kashmir. Pure white flowers in spring. Deciduous.Alpine8 - 9 CM£5.00
Bergenia cordifolia
Useful, smaller growing plant for the alpine garden. Good red winter colour, red-purple Flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Brimeura amethystinaLilliputian hyacinth with elfin bells of blue, rarely white, on arching 6” stems. E.U. Alps.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Bulbinella hookeriBronzy strap-like foliage. 1’ high stems with ‘Pokers’ of old gold colour. Likes moisture.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Calceolaria falklandicaTough species from that windswept Island. Good size flowers for carpeting in damp shade.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Caltha palustris
ssp minor
Tiny Marsh Marigold growing as rarity in Scottish Mnts. only 2” high. Likes moisture!Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Caltha palustris
Himalayan form of our ‘Marsh Marigold’. Large Flowers, almost like xmas roses early as Mar.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Campanula garganica ‘Dickson’s Gold’There couldn’t possibly be a better gold leafed alpine! Contrasts well with the sky blue flowersAlpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Campanula nitida
Attractive, glossy evergreen rosettes, on compact mound. Huge white, waxy saucers, in summer.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Campanula nitidaThe species type, seldom seen. Huge, blue open-faced flowers. 5” high. For scree.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Campanula pullaA lush green mound, producing short stems of large violet bells throughout summer.Alpine8 - 9 CM[£3.50
Campanula poscharlayana
‘Lisduggan’s Variety’
The perfect wall Bellflower, cascading habit. A mass of pink-lilac flowers for ages.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Campanula wockei
Masses of deep blue thimbles, gently spreading from small mat. Gritty scree or trough.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Cardamine pentaphyllaLarge dissected leaves emerge after a show of pink trumpets, pre spring. 8” high, woodland.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Cardamine kitaibellia
(syn enneaphylla)
Beautiful cream lockets hang above narrow fingered foliage, from March. Woodlander. 7”.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Cardamine trifoliumLeathery, glossy leaves at ground level. 3” high stems of white flowers from March – April.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Centaurea montana
Pure white flowers on 18” stems, within silvery grey leaves. Suits mid-front border.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Chrysanthemum weyrichiiG’cover with 7” stems of large pink Chrysanths. Showy, seldom seen Japanese alpine. Hardy.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Chrysosplenium davidianumThe superior Chinese species, with large yellow flowers. Carpeter for woodland, over long periodAlpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Clematis x petrei
‘Lunar Lass’
Gently cascading hybrid, with greenish-yellow small flowers along thin stems. Good pot var.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Clematis marmorariaForming an open cushion of parsley-like foliage.
Many creamy yellow blooms. Trough or scree.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Colchicum agrippinumFine Turkish species, only 6”. Characteristic chequered goblets of dusky rose colour.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Colchicum speciosum
Stunning. Huge white goblets in early autumn. Our clone builds up reasonably quickly.Alpine8 - 9 CM£5.00
Commelina dianthifoliaHardy species from high alt. California. Small Tradescantia like Flowers. of deepest royal blue. 9”Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Convallaria majalis
Very slow growing, with thin gold striations to
the leaf. A special and well behaved woodlander.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Convallaria majalis
The pink Lily of the Valley, slower growing than species type. Colour deepens as plant matures.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Corydalis cashmirianaThe best species for shady trough or raised bed. Short stems of intense blue flowers. Tiny mound.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Corydalis x
‘Craigton Blue’
A new introduction, with densely packed flower heads, Royal blue. Strong stems, to 16”.VigorousAlpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Corydalis x
‘Craigton Purple’
Another unique cultivar from I.Young. The best true purple, with heavy flowering, stately habit.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Corydalis solida
‘George Baker’
Invaluable for its striking red flowers, when Snowdrops are the only early blooms in garden.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Corydalis x ‘Heavenly Blue’Special new hybrid, between C. Elata and C.
Flexuosa. Stronger and shorter stems, sky blue.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Crepis incanaThe pink Dandelion, flowering in abundance in late summer. Grows best in poor, stony soil.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Cyclamen ciliciumFlowering period follows C. hederifolium in autumn, also less robust. Shades of pink-white.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Cyclamen coumStunning leaf forms on hardy pre-Spring Cyc. Add leaf mould to moist soil. Pink/ white/reds.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Cyclamen coum
BSBE 518 Form 2
Cyclamen Soc. field trip introduction. Silvered fol, narrow green central zone. Pink Flowers.Feb/MayAlpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Cyclamen coum
‘Meaden’s Crimson’
Highly selected, offering the finest deep red colour on this winter flowering hardy Cyclamen.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Cyclamen coum
‘Nyman’s Strain’
Most beautiful of all coum hybrids. Mostly silver foliage, with reddish/magenta flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Cyclamen coum
‘Tile Barn Elizabeth’
Free-flowering, pure silver leafed hybrid. Flowers. are deep pink, wth paler picottee edge. Early.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Cyclamen hederifolium 11cm
(mixed colours)
Best known hardy Cyclamen, our stock plants give good deep pinks and superior leaf form.

£4.00 each or 3 for £10
Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Cyclamen hederifolium
‘Long Leafed Form’
Specially selected leaf form, of almost aroid shape. Flowering in varying shades of pink.Alpine8 - 9 CM£5.00
Cyclamen hederifolium
‘Silver Cloud’
A special cultivar. Pure silver, unmarked leaves, pink flowers. Looks amazing in shade.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Cyclamen hederifolium
‘White Cloud’
Pure silver leaves, with white flowers in autumn. Dramatic combination for shade.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Cyclamen intaminatumTruly miniature, hardy species. Round glossy leaves and small white Flowers. Seldom offered.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Cyclamen libanoticumRare species, from Mountains of Lebanon. Hardy in cold glasshouse. Large white flwrs, red blotch.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Cyclamen pseudibericumSeldom offered. Large magenta blooms late Feb.
One of showiest species, best in cold g’house.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Cyclamen purpurascensTotally hardy, evergreen, summer flowering. Very special species with scent of Lily of the Valley.Alpine8 - 9 CM£5.00
Daphne tanguticaRightly popular for ease of cultivation, and long flowering period. Palest pink and scented.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Delphinium brunonianumForms clump of low foliage with 12” stems of large, violet flowers all summer. Full sun.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
‘Baby Lom’
Neat glaucus dome with short stems of magenta pink flowers. Mid summer.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Dianthus erinaceus
The ‘Hedgehog’ Dianthus, forming a close, prickly cushion with short stems of pink Flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Dianthus arenarius
‘Little Maiden’
Small compact cushion, ideal for troughs, etc. Short sprays white, ragged edged, fragrant Flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
‘La Bourboulle’
Close hummock of blue-green leaves with short stems of highly fragrant pink flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
‘Nywood’s Cream’
One of the best compact alpine hybrids for scent. Short stems of cream flowers in summer.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
A perpetually flowering, and scented miniature, with semi double, rose pink blooms. Only 4”.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
‘Whatfield Magenta’
Neat mound of attractive blue foliage, a dramatic contrast to the strong magenta flowersAlpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Dicentra cucculariaFinely dissected, smoky grey foliage, with 4” stems of white lockets in early spring.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Disporum flavumA slow spreading mat, for woodland shade. 12” arching stems of cream lockets.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Dodecatheon meadia‘Shooting Stars’ for spring display in part shade. Cyclamen-like blooms in April.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Dodecatheon meadia
Strong growing, pure white sport. Opening around May. Part shade and moisture.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
‘Little Leo’
8” high cultivar, Leopard’s Bane for rock garden. Producing semi double golden Flowers. from springAlpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Draba aizoidesAn easy and very early spring time alpine. Neat
mound, sprays of bright yellow Flowers. Feb-Mar.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Dryas octopetalaA good, free flowering clone of the native Mountain Avens. Enjoys lime, but not too dry.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Epimedium grandiflorum
‘Lilafee’ (Lilac Fairy)
Violet flowers in abundance. A superb, free flowering hybrid of compact growth, only 8” high.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Epimedium x youngianum
The most delicate of Epimedium species. Nodding white cups on hair thin stems.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Erigeron glaucusThis clone of the species type is of compact, less robust habit. Long display of mauve daisies.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Erigeron compositus
var discoideus
Compact mat of tufted leaves, producing large, lavender daisies all season. Superb crevice plant.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Erigeron montanensisLong succession of lilac daisies, held stemless above softly haired, tufted mound. Suits crevice.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Erodium trifoliumAn abundance of white flowers, with soft pink blotches and large leaves. Full sun, gritty soil.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Erodium chrysanthumFine, silvery green foliage, forming neat mound. Long display sulphur yellow flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Erodium chrysanthum
‘Pale pink form’
Rare. Delicate, ferny foliage of silvery-green, producing a long display of pale pink ‘cups’Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Erodium petraeum
A really long display of white flowers, with blush pink face. Olive green, ferny foliage. Sun.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Euonymus fortunei
Provides structure, as it hugs rock contours. Evergreen, small glossy fol. Tiny yellow flwrs.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Felicia rosulataHardy Himalayan species. Cornflower blue flowers with orange centres. Carpeter.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
‘Golden Toupe’
Slow growing and small in stature, fine neeedles of pure golden yellow. Would suit trough.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Ficaria verna
Well behaved Celandine, producing bright coppery-orange blooms in early spring. MoistureAlpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Ficaria verna
‘Double Cream’
No fear of this seeding around! Sterile, large fully double, buff/cream flowers in spring.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Ficaria verna
A really showy Celandine, non-invasive with minimal foliage and huge creamy yellow Flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Filipendula palmata
Dwarf Form
Beautiful Japanese species of carmine pink flwrs. in late summer. Only 10” high. Floriferous.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Fritillaria camschatensis
The yellow species type, flowering at 10” high, easy in moist shade. Seldom offered.Alpine8 - 9 CM£8.00
Fritillaria camschatensis
Dwarf Form
Rarely offered, relic from Jack Drake nsy. This is the Japanese alpine form, 6-8” high. Jet blackAlpine8 - 9 CM£8.00
Gentiana acaulis
SPECIAL. A very free-flowering form from Germany. Large, deep blue flowers from May.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Gentiana acaulis
Special. Simply huge, deep blue trumpets on this reliable flowering. Cultivar. Forms good sized mat.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Geranium cinereum
‘Laurence Flatman’
An old cultivar, still highly prized for its cerise flowers, with dark veining. All summer.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Geranium pratense ‘Midsummer Night’Raised on our nursery, a very dark leaved miniature, ht. 8” with lots of lrg. bright blue Flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£5.00
Geranium renardiiRound, sage like leaves, and 6” stems of large cream Flowers, deeply veined in grey. Himalayas.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Geum rivale
‘Leonard’s Variety’
An old cultivar. Peach, semi-double, nodding blooms of good size. Moist soil, part shade.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Geum triflorum
Ground hugging species, with ferny foliage. 4” stems, each with 3 nodding apricot bells. U.S.AAlpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Gypsophila aretioidesFor alpine house or sunny trough – covered in winter. Forms iron hard cushion, very slow.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Gypsophila cerastoidesClose mat, hidden by the abundant white flowers. Ideal for hugging rock formation.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Gypsophila tenuifoliusClose grass-like cushion, with many pale pink flowers all summer. Neat dome for rockery.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Haquetia epipactisYellow button flower, with large green sepals early Spring. Woodlander for moist shade. AlpsAlpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Hebe ramosissimaSlow forming, evergreen mat covered in white flowers, when given full sun. Gritty soil.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Hepatica nobilis
Pure white form of this popular, early spring woodlander. Flowers above unmarked leaves.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Hepatica nobilis
(Violet Blue)
This form we grow is from plants obtained with the darkest violet shade imaginable.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Hepatica nobilis
(Dusky Pink)
Selected for its soft lilac/pink shade, a welcome colour break, also a free flowering clone.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Hepatica nobilis
Beautiful, dusky pink flowers sit above attractively marked foliage. Stays evergreen.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Hepatica nobilis
‘Pyrenean Marbles’
Stunning, large white flowers above Cyclamen- like, marbled fol. Last of the nobilis to flower.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Hepatica nobilis
Red Shades
These seedlings will vary, from reddish-pink to clear, deep red. Worthwhile subject for pan.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Hepatica transsilvanica
‘Blue Eyes’
A sterile meadia type, with sky blue petals and attractive violet eye. A vigorous clone.Alpine8 - 9 CM£5.00
‘Blue Mouse Ears’
Ideal for shady troughs, etc. Rounded blue leaves with deep lilac, good sized flowers. Ht. 3”Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Hosta kikutii
var yakusimensis
A mere pad of tiny leaves, sending up 2” stems of large, lilac flowers. Quite uncommon.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Hypericum olympicum
uniflorum ‘Citrinum’
Low, open mat of olive green, small leaves. Covered in pale lemon flowers. Full sun.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Hypericum olympicum
Beautiful, rounded evergreen shrublet, perpetually flowering from early summer. Yellow flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Incarvillea delavayii
‘Bee’s Pink’
Large, exotic shallow trumpets in soft pink shade, early suumer. Well drained soil in sun.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Incarvillea zhongdianensisA strong growing species, suited to sunny border
with reddish-pink flowers. Good drainage.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Impatiens omiense
Truly hardy, ground covering species with attractive variegation and lots of late yellow flwrs.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Inula orientalis
Forming small clump of narrow leaves, with 14” stems of large orange Calendula like blooms.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Ipheion uniflorum
‘Charlotte Bishop’
Tufts of grass-like stems produce long spring display of dusky pink stars. Very special.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Ipheion uniflorum
A beautiful new cultivar, producing star shaped
Flowers in shade of deep violet blue.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Iris forrestii
Black Form
A rare form, of vastly slower growing habit. Blackish-purple blooms. Forms small clump.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Iris pumila
‘Cherry Garden’
For those who like dark flowers, this 8” Iris has large, aubergine coloured blooms in spring.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Iris pumila
A ‘must have’ plant. White flowers with a violet picotee edge to the petals. Approx. 8” high.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Iris x intermedia
‘The Gingerbread Man’
Unusual, dwarf bearded Iris. Brown flowers with violet beard. Ht. 10”. Full sun, free flowering.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Iris suavaolensTiny species from the Caucasus. Brass coloured, bearded Iris flowers, only 3” high.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Iris setosa
Dwarf form
Easy to please, free flowering. Dwarf Iris. Suits small rockery. Blue flowers, gold veining. Approx.6”Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Lamium sandrasicumOf low, globular habit, covered in many white, pink-lipped Snapdragon-like flowers. Sun. Ht. 4”Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Lathyrus vernus
Very free flowering, soft pink perennial pea, for front of border, or woodland edge. Herbaceous.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Leontipodium alpinum
Forming tufted mound, several stems of huge, soft grey flowers. A sound perennial cultivar.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Leucojum vernumGiant Snowdrop relative. 8” stems topped by huge white bells from February. Moisture.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Leucojum vernum
Grown from divisions of our best yellow tipped bulbs. Less vigorous than the greens. Moisture,Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Lewisia nevadensis
Soft pink flowers, held in heart of narrow leaves,
early summer. Ideal pot plant for cold g/house.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Limonium speciosum
‘Blue Diamond’
An alpine Statice for raised beds in sun. 10” stems papery flowers of pale violet. Evergreen.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Lychnis keiskei
Small Japanese species of tufted habit. Sprays of rosy pink flowers, late summer. Ht. 6”. Scree.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Lysimachia japonica
Japanese species forming neat pad, studded with tiny yellow flowers. Non-invasive. May-Aug.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Maianthemum bifolium
var Yakushimanum
This tiny species from Japan carpets troughs and shady areas under shrubs. Slow, non-invasive.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Meconopsis baileyi
Really beautiful large flowered white form of the Himalayan Blue Poppy. Boss of golden stamens.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Meconopsis quintuplinerviaReginald Farrar’s ‘Harebell Poppy’ for shady, cool spots. Enjoys moist, leafy soil in shade. Runs.Alpine8 - 9 CM£6.00
Mertensia maritimaRare Scottish native to Outer Hebrides. Sky blue, leaves, small thimble flowers. Sandy soil in sun.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Mertensia pterocarpaSmall and dainty species, only 6” high. Broad leaves and drooping, pale blue bells.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Muscari aucheri
‘Ocean Magic’ 3 bulbs
One of the ‘new look’ well behaved grape Hyacinths. Bright blue, graduating to whiteAlpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
‘Pink Sunrise’
A grape Hyacinth, of soft pink colour, beautiful in pots with cream and blue Primroses.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
‘Elka’ 2 bulbs
Dwarf, trumpet Narcissi, starts as palest yellow, opening fully to pure white. Ht. 8”.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Narcissus cyclamineus
Only 6” high, with large, yellow swept back flowers. Long lived and reliable. Bulks up well.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Narcissus nanus
Stunning cultivar, this tiny Daffodil with yellow trumpets. Guaranteed to flwr. Annually. Only 3”Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
‘Snow Baby’
A true miniature trumpet Daffodil, in pure white. Only 6’ high and totally hardy.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Narcissus poeticus
‘Plenus’ 2 bulbs
The last Daffodil to flower. White, semi –double Gardenia blooms with exquisite scent. Special.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Oenothera trilobaTidy close tuft of linear foliage, with short sprays of evening flowering yellow blooms.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Omphallodes cappadocia
‘Cherry Ingram’
Abundant Flowers. on this woodland gem. Many ‘Forget-me-not’ blooms. Ideal for leafy shade.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Oreomyrhis argenteaClose silvery pad, with stemless pale pink candles early summer. Suits troughs or crevices.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Oxalis acetosella
Deserves better attention, heavy flowering, deep pink Wood Sorrel for leafy shade. Ground cover.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Oxalis depressaFlowering over long period, strong pink blooms thread through gravel path edges, etc.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.00
Oxalis enneaphylla
A lovely, pure white form with green eye, flowering stemlessly over silvery-grey leaves.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Oxalis enneaphylla
x ‘Ione Hecker’
Huge, stemless Flowers. of pale pink, strikingly veined in violet. One of the very best Oxalis.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Oxalis enneaphylla
‘Waverley Hybrid’
Small impressive hybrid, ideal for troughs. Dark purple, magenta veined flowers. Very special.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Oxalis magellanica
‘Flora Plena’
Rightly popular. Many small, white pom-pom flowers. For gravel edges, or between paving.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Oxalis minutaefoliaSmall hummock, forming stemless, palest pink
large flowers. Seldom seen beauty.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Oxalis oregana
‘Bob Haszeldene’
Most attractive Shamrock leaves, with long display of large, pink cup flowers. Woodland.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Persicaria affinis
‘Donald Lowndes’
Compact and slow growing, a rare cultivar, producing a mass of soft pink/dark red pokers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Persicaria vaccinifoliaFrom high in Tibet, this low species cascades over rocks, with hundreds of pink pokers. Ht. 3”Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Phlox douglasii
Lovely, compact needle-leafed mat, ideal for troughs or rockery. Dark crimson flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Phlox douglasii
Lovely shade of violet, sweet scent in spring.
P. douglasii hybrids are excellent in troughs.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Phlox subulata
Lovely new introduction. Cream flowers with a striking violet eye. Cascading rock plant.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Phlox subulata
‘Purple Beauty’
An original colour of cultivar, abundantly flowering, with puplish-blue blooms from May.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Polygonatum pratiiDusky lilac, miniature bells hang from slender leaf axils in spring. Approx. 9” ht. Woodlander.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Polygonatum species
(name unknown)
Thought to be a variant of P. hookeri. 5” high, with lovely violet bells. Longer flowering.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Polygonatum x ‘Betburg’An interesting hybrid, with slate grey foliage which turns green later in summer. White bells. 18”Alpine8 - 9 CM£5.00
Potentilla eriocarpaWonderful Himalayan species of tidy, creeping habit. Long display of small, golden flwrs. Late.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Potentilla megalanthaAttractive, softly haired leaves frame clusters of huge, golden yellow blooms all summer. CreviceAlpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Potentilla verna
Lovely close mat of deepest green leaves, studded with egg yolk yellow Flowers. of good size.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Pulmonaria rubraOne of the earliest flowering perennials, clusters of red bells before light green leaves. Shade.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.00
Pulsatilla halleri
Huge, open face goblets of light lavender blue.
Easter flowering. For rocky site in full sun.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Pulsatilla vulgaris
‘Eve Constance’
The spring Pasque Flower in a delicate shade of pale strawberry. Good, ordinary soil suits.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Pulsatilla vulgaris
A strain of Pasque Flower, sporting fringed blooms in various colours. April –May.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Pulsatilla vulgaris
‘Pearl Bells’
A new sport, of pearl white, with hint of shell pink. Easy rockery/front of border plant.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Ranunculus alpestrisIdeal trough or crevice species, of tidy habit. Long display of white Buttercups from spring.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Ranunculus bilobusMiniature white Buttercup, for rocky scree or trough. Spring flowering.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Ranunculus gramineusAttractive thick grey leaves, 10” stems topped with large golden buttercups. Non-invasive.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Ranunculus montanus
‘Flore Pleno’
Fully double, golden flowers above 5” stems, from April to early summer. Moisture.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Ranunculus montanus
‘Molten Gold’
Another of our high alpine species Buttercups, from Alps. Glossy, golden Flowers over neat moundAlpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Romulea macowanii
var alticola
Fine, grassy foliage, producing long display of golden yellow crocus-like blooms. Early spring.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Roscoea alpinaAn easy miniature, standing only 5” tall, with several purple flowers, in high summer.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Roscoea cautleyoidesEasy woodlander. Butter yellow orchid like Flowers arise rapidly from leafy shade in early June.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Roscoea purpureaEasy to grow in a woodland setting, this large purple flowered species forms a bold clump.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.50
Roscoea tibetica
A rare introduction, ex Tibet. Pure white, stemless flowers in early summer. Part shade.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Saponaria x ‘Olivana’Famous old cultivar, forming a neat mat, and radiating large, soft pink flowers all summer.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Saponaria ocymoides
‘Snow Tip’
Quite different in habit from usual pink. Dense mat, radiating short stems of pure white flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Hareknoll Beauty’
Silvery, encrusted rosettes give rise to many stems of red flowers, over long period.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Saxifraga arendsii
‘Pixie Red’
Tight green cushions, smothered in deep red Flowers. from April. Suitable for shady troughs.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Saxifraga crustataSlow growing, low hard cushion, with thin silver
encrusted leaves. Superb trough plant.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Saxifraga canis
Encrusted Saxifraga, forming dome of silvery rosettes, topped by palest pink/white flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Saxifraga cotyledon
‘Kath Dryden’
Large, encrusted rosettes produce arching sprays of large white flowers from late May.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Saxifraga elizabethea
‘Boston Spa’
Free flowering in April. Lots of pale yellow Flowers on this kabschia type. Ideal for trough.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Saxifraga oppositifolium
The striking purple Saxifraga of early spring, growing so well in our Scottish climate.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Saxifraga paniculata
Silvery rosettes forming close cushion, with many stems of red flowers in mid summer.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Saxifraga kotschyanaSmall and slow species, from Iran. Green rosettes, lightly encrusted. White flwrs. 5” stems.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Saxifraga paniculata
A welcome, pale sulphur yellow encrusted
Sax, amongst a wealth of white flwrd. varieties.
Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
‘Dr. Ramsay’
One of the showiest Saxifrages for silvery leaf rosettes. Strong stems of pure white Flowers in JuneAlpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
‘Winifred Bevington’
Green rosettes packed tightly together, each with a red stem, topped with bunches of pink flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Saxifraga primuloides
‘Clarence Elliot’
Emerald green rosettes, each sending up red stems and lots of frothy pink flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Scabiosa japonica nana
‘Ritz Blue’
An especially deep blue selection of this compact rockery pin-cushion flower. Blooms all summer.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Scabiosa japonica
‘Rose Quartz’
Our own introduction. Very compact habit, with large soft pink blooms all summer.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Scutellaria japonicaConstant supply of soft, amethyst blue Flowers. from July. Low mounds of dark green fol. Desirable.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Sedum reflexum
‘Red Form’
A less vigorous sport, turning a vibrant red from autumn to late spring. Uncommon.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.00
Sedum spathufolium
Well known for its dark plum rosettes and broad flat heads of gold Flowers. Non-invasive, tidyAlpine8 - 9 CM£3.00
Dark brownish red rosettes, make this a quite unique sport. An old, and popular cultivar.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
‘Mrs. Guiseppe’
Large, olive green rosettes with dramatic, maroon tipped leaves. Vigorous variety.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Serratula shawii
syn seoneai
Late flowering, 16” high stems above darkest green, feathery fol. Masses mauve knapweeds.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Silene acaulis
This golden leafed form of Moss Campion was found on Shetland. Stemless pink flwrs. Moisture.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Silene maritima
Distinctly more compact version of the native Sea Campion. Cascades of many white bells.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Silene maritima
A spectacular display of palest pink flowers covers the cascading foliage from spring.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
‘Devon Skies’
Non-invasive cultivar, suitable for rock garden. Lovely pale blue cups all summer long. 5”Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
‘Dragon’s Eye’
A tidy, non-invasive Iris like plant, producing cream cups with purple eye zone. 5” high.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
‘E.K. Balls’
A seemingly endless show of violet blue cups all summer. A non-invasive sterile hybrid.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Soldanella carpaticaLush green, rounded foliage forming small mat. Short stems of violet bells from April.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
‘Spring Symphony’
Similar to ‘Sudden Spring’, but flowers are larger, and entire plant is smaller and slower.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Soldanella x
‘Sudden Spring’
Small leafed montana hybrid, of free flowering habit. Pale lilac flowers, of good size. Early.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Soldanella villosaN. American species, growing at edge of light woodland. 8” stems, with lots of violet bellsAlpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Solidago virgaurea
ssp minima
Uncommon form, apparently a rare native. Dwarf mound with tiny yellow buttons in Sept.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Stachys discolorNative to Iran, producing large, pale cream Flowers. on 9” stems, early summer. Good drainage.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Stachys officinalis
Welcome introduction for the larger rock garden, 10” stems of pale purple spikes in summer.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Stachys officinalis
‘Dwarf White’
Miniature alpine sport, suitable for troughs, etc. Short spikes pure white flowers. Summer/AutumnAlpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Teucrium pyrenaicumClassy, crevice plant, hugging contours. Cream/ purple lipped flwrs. Mid summer. Sharp drainageAlpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Thlaspi densiflorumClose green rosette, with bunches of pure white flowers, from 3” stems. Good crevice plant.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
‘Red Elf’
A chance sport from T. ‘Elfin Dome’- VERY floriferous, deep reddish flowers. HARDY.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Townsendia alpigena
var alpigena
Small tufts of linear leaves, with 4” stems of lavender daisies, spring-summer. Sunny crevice.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Trollius europeaus
‘Lemon Supreme’
Stocky new hybrid, only 14” high. Acid yellow globes from late spring. Suits border fronts.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Trollius ranunculoidesGood sized, single Buttercup like flowers, above 8” stems. Late summer. Suits woodland edge.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Umbilicus oppositifolius
(formerly Chiastophyllum)
Round, succulent leaves and pendulous Laburnum-like chains. From early May-June.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Valeriana supinaGround hugging foliage, forming mat with 2” stems of clustered pale pink blooms.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Veronica oltensisSuitable trough plant, forming close pad of tiny leaves topped by many short, blue spikes.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Veronica prostrata
‘Lilac Time’
A slow growing, compact cultivar, with soft lilac spikes, covering pad of tiny leaves.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Veronica spicata
‘Prince’s Feather’
Emerald green foliage, hugs ground. 6” spikes deep violet blue, flowering mid summer. Showy.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Vinca minor
‘Azurea Flore Pleno’
Superb ground cover for sun or part shade. Sprays of double blue flowers, from spring.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Vinca minor atropurpurea
‘Rumbling Bridge Double’
A chance seedling appearing on the nursery, of more upright habit, with double purple flowers.Alpine8 - 9 CM£4.00
Viola hancockiiAttractive, rare species from Vietnam, with large lilac Flowers. over deep green leathery text. leaves.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Viola odorata
‘Coeur d’Alsace’
The Parma Violet, in delicate shade of dusky pink. Flowering from early March,. Part shade.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Viola odorata
‘Queen Charlotte’
The most free flowering of the Parma Violet hybrids. Spring sunshine releases sweet scent.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Viola odorata
An unusual form of the Sweet Violet in a shade of pale sulphur yellow. Also, less vigorous.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Zauschneria californica
‘Ed Carman’
10” high, Fuschia relative, with vermillion coloured flowers, from early autumn. Enjoys full sun.Alpine8 - 9 CM£3.50
Primula auricula hybrids **

‘Rumbling Bridge Strain’
(Raised by Rumbling Bridge Nursery)
Our finest hybrid mix. Many exhibit serrated edge leaves and farina. Wide ranging colours.Primula - European Species & Hybrids9 CM Square£3.50
Primula allionii

‘Aire Mist’
Successful show variety of long standing. Very compact cushion, hidden by huge, white flowers.Primula - European Species & Hybrids9 CM Square£4.00
Primula x allionii

Very close cushion, hidden by cream flowers

from early April. Fine show plant.
Primula - European Species & Hybrids9 CM Square£4.00
Primula auricula

Species ( Coll. Switzerland)
Seed grown plants from an excellent form, originally collected Switzerland. Some mealy.Primula - European Species & Hybrids9 CM Square£4.00
Primula hirsuta

This pure white form is easier to grow and maintain, especially in pot for show.Primula - European Species & Hybrids9 CM Square£5.00
Primula marginata

Dwarf Form
Best enjoyed in troughs or pots in cold g’house, due to small habit. Deep violet blue Flowers. MarchPrimula - European Species & Hybrids9 CM Square£4.00
Primula marginata

var Laciniata
Deeply serrated leaves, like Holly foliage, dusted in farina. Sky blue flowers from March – April.Primula - European Species & Hybrids9 CM Square£4.00
Primula marginata **

‘Late Frost’
(Raised by Rumbling Bridge Nursery)
Our latest introduction - a compact, large flwrd. white, extending the marginata season into May.Primula - European Species & Hybrids9 CM Square£5.00
Primula x pubescens

‘Boothman’s Variety’
An old, and popular, hybrid of free-flowering habit. Blooms of purplish-red colour.Primula - European Species & Hybrids9 CM Square£4.00
Primula x pubescens

‘Jo Jo’
The seedling partner to Clarence Elliott, though, superior. More compact/floriferous. Deep blue.Primula - European Species & Hybrids9 CM Square£4.00
Primula x pubescens **

‘Rumbling Bridge’
(Raised by Rumbling Bridge Nursery)
Good sized flowers of butter yellow, against neat farinose leaves. Please see page on our website.Primula - European Species & Hybrids9 CM Square£4.50
Primula alpicola

A selection with pale, moonlight yellow bells, powdered within. Most popular of our 3 forms.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula alpicola

The species type, appearing in range of colours from pinky-terracotta, to pale or deepest violet.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula aurantiacaSeldom available. Dwarf Candelabra with brown stems, and tiers of deep orange/pink flowers.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£4.00
Primula aurantiaca x **

pulverulenta P.C.
(Raised by Rumbling Bridge Nursery)
This shorter growing Candelabra hybrid appeared on Nsy. 2012. Wide range of colours.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£4.00
Primula beesianaMost commonly seen of candelabras, deep reddish pink flowers late May. Likes moisture.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula bulleyanaThe best known of the Candelabras, much admired for its hot orange Flowers. in mid summer.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula cashmerianaLess robust than P. denticulata. Mid blue drumsticks, held above mealy leaves. April-May.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£4.00
Primula chionanthaGolden farina covers undersides of the leaves and flower stalks. Deep purple or white flowers.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula denticulata

‘Blue Special Selection’
Strain produced from the finest blue selections. One of the best Primulas for a Scottish spring.Primula, Species
1 Litre£4.50

Primula denticulata

Absolutely stunning shade of deep, ruby red. Brightens up the early spring garden.Primula, Species
1 Litre£5.00

Primula denticulata

Seedlings grown from the stunning denticulata ‘Rubinball’. Colours may vary.Primula, Species
1 Litre£4.50

Primula denticulata

A new seed strain, in varying shades of pink. A welcome addition to the colour range.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£4.00
Primula elatior

More refined, better plant than Cowslip. Softly haired leaves, large nodding, primrose bells.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula elatior **

ssp meyeri “Arwen”
(Raised by Rumbling Bridge Nursery)
Pure white Oxslip flowers in April. A new form, raised here through years of colour selection.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£6.00
Primula florindae

‘Red Shades’
We have selected, over many years, the deepest

pillar box red forms, which come true. Fragrant
Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50

‘John Fielding’
Small and compact Primrose, of slow habit. Sprays of deep blue blooms from February.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£4.00
Primula x ‘Johanna’Dwarf hybrid for wet soils. 6” stems soft pink, sometimes second or third tier. Sterile hybrid.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula juliaeRare miniature, creeping Primrose. Deep violet blue flowers. Enjoys North facing, moist bank.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula poissoniiTiers of claret flowers with yellow eye and smooth, glossy leaves. Moist, part shade. ChinaPrimula, Species
9 CM Square£4.00
Primula roseaCommon, but always popular in Spring. Vivid pink flowers with yellow eye. Tight clump.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula scoticaOften asked for, though seldom offered! Grown from good forms, with broad leaves.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£4.00
Primula secundifloraCowslip type from China. 10” stems, nodding downwards, clad in cherry red bells. Wet soils.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula sikkimensis

Wonderful dwarf, of multi-stemmed habit, with bunches of claret bells/cream inner. Only 8” high.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula sikkimensis

var pudibunda
A stockier growing selection, of the popular nodding, yellow cowslip Primula. Likes moisturePrimula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula veris

‘Sunset Shades’
Neat growing cowslip, with shorter stems than native variety. Deep red to pale orange shades.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula vialliiThe ‘Orchid Primrose’. Violet spike, with poker of vivid red colour. Prefers a lighter border soil.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula juliana

‘Hallbarn Blue’
An old compact Primrose, of free flowering habit

hidden by mid blue coloured blooms.
Primula, Species
9 CM Square£4.00
Primula matthioli

Small, compact species with 7” stems of nodding dark red bells. Keep just moist.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula vulgaris

‘Iris Mainwaring’
Compact and heavy flowering Primrose, with huge lilac blooms, which hide foliage in spring.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula waltoniiAsian Cowslip type Primula with 2’ stems of flowers in myriad colours, mainly plum/purple.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Primula waltonii **

(Butter Yellow)
(Raised by Rumbling Bridge Nursery)
We have developed in isolation, plants of a beautiful soft, pale yellow. Stems to 2’ in height.Primula, Species
9 CM Square£3.50
Adiantum venustumTotally hardy Maidenhair Fern, from Himalayas.

Enjoys cool, shady spot, with leafy compost.
Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£7.00
Anaphalis triplinervis

‘Sommer Schnee’
Beautiful, silvery carpet of silky haired leaves and 10” stems white, everlasting flowers.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£6.00
Astilbe japonica

‘Red Sentinel’
Still the best red Astilbe to date. Enhanced by lovely cherry tint to leaves. Ht. 16”.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£7.00
Clematis alpina

The seldom seen pure white sport. Suitable for scrambling through smaller trees or shrubs.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£8.00

Best known of the bronze leafed cultivars, a free flowering brassy gold colour. Totally hardy.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£7.00
Dactylorhiza hybridsAttractive hybrids, between D. fuchsii x D. purpurea. Some produce spotted leaves.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£10.00
Danae racemosaWonderful, green foil for shady areas. Glossy, evergreen leaves along, stiff 3’ stems.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£7.00
Delphinium cashmerianumNot to be confused with the short-lived species. Stocky plant, 16” high. Large violet, hooded Flowers.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£5.00
Dicentra spectabilis

Easier to accommodate, less bulky and slower growing white form of ‘Bleeding Heart’. ChinaWoodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£6.50

This short American sport has become very popular for its dark, bronzy –red flowers. Ht. 16”Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£6.50
Epimedium versicolor

Strong growing ground cover, with abundant pale yellow flowers and attractive bronzy fol.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£5.00
Eryngium x zabelii

‘Jos Eijking’
Low foliage, with white veining, 16” stems of deepest violet blue Sea Holly flowers.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£6.50
Geranium cinereum

Irresistible, soft pink flowers cover low mat of delicate foliage, all summer long. Full sun.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£5.00
Incarvillea compactaRaised from botanical seed, these will flower at approx. 9”. Well drained soil, in full sun.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£6.00
Incarvillea mairei

The true plant, with ground hugging foliage and 12” stems of gigantic rose pink flowers.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£6.00
Iris chrysographes

‘Black As Your Hat’
These are divisions of the finest jet black sport, raised on the old Jack Drake nursery. Moisture.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£6.00
Lathyrus vernus

Unique shade of azure blue, on this recent introduction. For woodland or shady border.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£8.00
Lilium martagonWe have large, home grown bulbs of the lovely

‘Turk’s Cap Lily’ These will establish well.
Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£9.00
Meconopsis x

‘Jimmy Bain’
A sterile hybrid with deepest blue large flwrs.

Flower of quality, with overlapping petals.
Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£8.00
Meconopsis x

Our plants originate from Lingholm Garden. Showing marked vigour and multi-crown habit.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£7.00
Paeonia veitchii

var woodwardii
Short alpine species, only 16” high, flowering early June, with single, rosy-pink blooms.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£8.00
Polygonatum x hybridum

For those who like variegation, this small, slow growing Solomon’s Seal has cream streaked fol.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£10.00
Polygonatum odoratumSlow spreading species, of stocky habit. 10” stems of large fragrant, white bells.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£8.00
Sanguinaria canadensis

White, fully double blooms, in earliest spring, like small water lilies. Rarely offered as 1L pots.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£9.00
Trillium chloropetalum

Giganteum E.B.G. Form
We stick with the well marked foliage clone – ‘Edinburgh Botanics Form’. Deep plum flwrs.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£10.00
Trollius x cultorum

‘New Moon’
Superb new hybrid with perfect globe flowers of pale butter yellow. Approx. 10” high.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£5.00
Uvularia grandiflora

Twisted, yellow petals dangle from 16” stems from early May. N. American woodlander.Woodland and Herbaceous1 Litre£8.00
Andromeda polifolia
‘Blue Ice’
Striking, blue ball of foliage, coverd in soft pink bells in spring. Moist, acid soil.Shrub1 Litre£6.00
Chamaedaphne calyculataLow, twiggy bush, wreathed in white bells before foliage fully emerges. Arctic native.Shrub1.5 Litre£10.00
Cotoneaster atrophorosSlow, ground covering species from S.W. China. Small leaves, edged with silvery ‘hair’.Shrub1 Litre£6.00
Cotoneaster thymefoliaA very tough clone of this evergreen, tiny leafed species. Masses small red berries, aut-spring.Shrub1 Litre£6.00
Daphne tangutica

Dwarf Form
An uncommon selection, reaching only 26” high

x 30”. Has same long flowering period. Scented.
Shrub1 Litre£10.00
Gaultheria wisleyensis

‘Pink Pixie’
A superb dwarf ericaceous shrub, lots of pale pink bells, then claret berries all winter. Ht. 8”Shrub1 Litre£8.00
Hebe odorataGround hugging, glossy leaves forming small mat. Smothered in white flowers, summer. Sun.Shrub1 Litre£5.00
Jasminium parkeriSemi evergreen dwarf shrub, covered in yellow Flowers, all summer. Requires sheltered location.Shrub1 Litre£6.00
Phylliopsis x

Profusion of pale pink thimbles, on a neat globe, small enough for a trough. Repeats in Autumn.Shrub1 Litre£8.00
Phyllodoce x alpinaRare hybrid between P. nipponica x P. aleutica.

Producing large pink globular flwrs. April/May
Shrub1 Litre£8.00
Phyllodoce caerulea ‘Wm. Buchanan’s peach seedling’Very rare hybrid, selected by famous plantsman, Wm. Buchanan. Pinky-peach tink to bells.Shrub1.5 Litre£10.00
Phyllodoce empetriformisTidy, dense growing species, of rounded habit

covered in deep pink bells, from April.
Shrub1 Litre£8.00
Phyllodoce x intermedia

‘Fred Stoker’
A tough, long - lived hybrid, producing reddish-pink bells from April. Humus-rich bed suits.Shrub1.5 Litre£10.00
Vaccinium delavayiSlow gound cover, only 6” high. Grown for its fiery red, new foliage. Acid soil.Shrub1 Litre£6.00